Saturday, February 28, 2015

▨▨ March New Releases and News!

New Daily Sales board in the shop! Different sale every day, hit subscribe on the board to find out what the daily sales will be ahead of time and what each sale is! New sales start on Mondays!

TP to .::[HTxDZ]::. Main Store

▨▨ .::[NEW RELEASES]::. ▨▨

▨▨ .::[CURRENT EVENTS & HUNTS]::. ▨▨

▨▨ Femboy Hunt
--2L grid wide hunt--
March 1st-31st

▨▨ World Tour 2015 Hunt
--1L Gridwide Hunt--
February 21st to March 31st

▨▨ Cherry Blossom Festival
Relay For Life of SL Charity Event
April 24th-27th

▨▨ Light Side vs Dark Side
--2L Gridwide Hunt--
May 4th - June 4th
Preview: Coming Soon

▨▨ IDAHO Sale
Everything in the store 70L for 24 hours
--Worldwide Event--
May 17th

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