Wednesday, October 1, 2014

▨▨ October New Releases and News! [Kemono Edition!]

In recognition of Depression Awareness Month, we are offering our Eddy outfit in Green for free! I know a lot of people who suffer from depression, myself included, so this is an important illness to bring awareness too. Please come get the outfit and talk to your friends and family if you are depressed. There is always a way to get help if you need it, never give up!

All on sale now at .::[HTxDZ]::. [MP coming soon...]

This time all our new releases are for the Kemono mesh avatars from Utilizator. If you do not have the Kemono mesh avatar, you can check them out on the MP HERE. They are awesome cute little Japanese style fur avatars.

▨▨ .::[NEW RELEASES]::. ▨▨
▨▨ Cumtastic Bath Set Kemono appliers come in 5 different sets:
Full Body (shown above)
Wanker Set
Face Only
Arse Only
Cunt Only
NOTE: M3 compatible appliers coming soon!
▨▨ Mae Eye appliers come in 10 different colors for both M3 and Kemono.
NOTE: Rainbow versions are available free only to .::[HTxDZ]::. subscribers!
Go to the store and join the subscriber for gifts and store updates! =D

▨▨ Hunt for the Cure
Hunt for the Cure Blog
--10L Gridwide Charity Hunt--
October 1st - November 1st


▨▨ .::[UPCOMING EVENTS]::. ▨▨

▨▨ 3 Year Anniversary!
November 1st to November 30th
▨ Special Daily Sales
▨ New Releases every other day, all month!
▨ New Group Gifts!

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