Tuesday, October 1, 2013

▨▨ October New Releases & News!

New store build! Go check it out and have fun exploring both the new stores in one! <3

▨▨ .::[NEW RELEASES]::. ▨▨

▨▨ .::[CURRENT HUNTS & EVENTS]::. ▨▨

▨▨ All new releases can be found at the Femme Boy Fashion Sales Room!
October 3rd to October 29th
ALL ITEMS 100$L or less!

▨▨ Best Foot Forward Hunt
--5L Hunt--
September 22nd to October 6th

▨▨ Hunt for the Cure
--Gridwide 10L Hunt for Charity--
October 1st to October 31st

▨▨ Modern Horror Hunt
--Gridwide 5L Hunt--
October 1st to November 1st

▨▨ Alternate Gender Fair
--Charity Fair--
October 1st to November 1st

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